Through a heavenish, dreamlike design philosophy uniquely combining colorful glamour and classic timelessness, our female-led brand Esuadi inspires every woman to follow their passion throughout the entire day and night without compromising their comfort or chicness.

Exclusively chosen, extravagant materials from Italy are fused with the most experienced craftsmanship in world-class ateliers. Each Esuadi pair is created by hand and hours are dedicated to each detail.


Esuadi was concepted with the vision of sharing the power of handmade uniqueness with as many people as possible. Our designs are created in limited runs, with new styles available exclusively with every unique drop. New designs are often strictly limited edition, giving the wearer the opportunity to be just 1 of 8 people to own the style.

We respect and support the antique artisan heritage techniques at all times yet our dedication to provide the best possible features at an affordable price is incomparable.